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When the Mad Hatter sees Alice squirming and giggling from the Caterpillar’s punishment, she knows at once that Alice has defied her. It’s true that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of treatment. It is best to correct her immediately whenever she acts inappropriately so that the situation does not get more serious over time- it’s tickle time for tiny Alice, and there’s no escaping for the poor overly-sensitive girl! Cuffing and tying Alice down to the very same table where they just tickled the caterpillar- The Hatter’s Madness starts to unravel as she starts to tickle attack Alice.

Eager to learn the truth, The Hatter knows that the only way to get her to reveal it is to threaten her with an extreme extremity remedy. Reaching out with her long, looming fingers, she touches the tied down Alice to calm her down and finds out immediately that Alice’s body is extremely sensitive.

Seeing this as a much better use of her time than searching for already consumed sugar, the Hatter starts using her elegant fingers to scratch and tickle herself all over the trashing, screaming Alice. She begins at the armpits, working her way down to the thighs. And for the grand finale, the Mad Hatter slides over to the lady and sits on her thighs while the lady begins to fondle her wrinkled, soft feet. Having tickled relentlessly out of rage and anger has taken a toll on Alice – if this doesn’t stop, she’d most probably burst into oversensitivity!

If only Alice had learned to obey the Mad Hatter and take her advice, she might not have been publicly shamed, ridiculed, punished, and recklessly tickled for eating too much sugar…

Length: 11:00
Resolution: 4096×2160

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