CaliLogansBondageBoutique – Belly Button Torture

Cadence Lux is getting tied to the bed by Hannah Perez and she says “Oh come on.. do we really have to torture me?” Hannah tells Cadence that she believes she does and that she especially has to torture her belly button. Hannah begins to tickle Cadence’s belly button and she tells Hannah that it is so ticklish. She begins laughing as Hannah tickles and licks her belly button. Hannah wants to know what the problem is. Cadence tells her that it is even more ticklish when it is wet. Hannah said she will make sure to do that again. Hannah then raspberries Cadence’s belly button. Cadence doesn’t know how she feels about it, it’s confusing to her but she thinks it is funny nonetheless. Hannah continues to torture Cadence’s belly button all the while. Until it’s her turn to be tied to the bed and Cadence gets to have her way with Hannah’s belly button.

Cadence is ready to have her go at Hannah’s belly button. Hannah hopes it isn’t to ticklish. Cadence wets her finger and Hannah sees that she is getting right into it. Cadence licks Hannah’s cute little belly button. Hannah gets to the point where she tells Cadence that she thinks her belly button is pretty worn out. But that doesn’t stop Cadence from giving it a little more tickle time. It is so sensitive but Cadence has her fun while Hannah regrets showing this to her. Laughing all the while. Cadence knows Hannah had more fun when she was the one doing the tickling.

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