ExoticXscapade – RED Oh Whatever (part 3)


So…Meretrixlll told me a couple weeks back that she wanted to try and recreate the same energy we had in our very first session…the one where she slightly annoyed me. And so she did. I saw it coming, and I still got upset when she rescheduled only a few hours before a session, and make a slick comment through text when I responded to her lack of courtesy and respect for my time. Anyways, to make a long story longer, my intent in this session was to let her know that I’m not the one you really want to get upset. I think she got the point, but I wasn’t satisfied with the results, but that’s a story for the next session. I experimented with some different things during this video…extreme heat, sensory deprivation, and some new positions.

Duration: 31:53.511
Size: 725,606 Mb

Download – RED Oh Whatever (part 3)

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