Fettish – Board Room Meeting – Phoenix

This was shot after her chair (tickle therapy) vid. I get her strapped down, and she made the foolish remark telling me how ticklish her belly was.

oh…no kidding.

I start the brushes on auto mode and get slight giggles, nothing crazy. Which I sorta expected because she’s a medium to heavy touch on her feet. Light doesn’t do a bunch. But, I’m all about overload.

Upper body, here I come. So with the brushes working away I started in. Oh my…I had no idea. Her midsection, ribs, underarms….they’re off the charts. Yes UB fans I heard you. If you show up for this one I promise I’ll do more – IF you show up.

I even tested her belly button not with hard tickles but with a feather in her button, spinning, dusting, flicking. All of it worked. Shifting from there I went to her underarms to great effect. Then I grabbed my dreaded gloves just to see…

Length: 15:43
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Board Room Meeting – Phoenix

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