Fettish – Breaking Bri Act Four

Bri now finds herself deep in the Strangers clutches. Her behavior prior was unacceptable and for that she must be trained.

Laid upon a table, she’s wrapped up incredibly tightly, blindfolded, and gagged TO the table, pinning her head in place. A leather strap compliments the gag, also holding her to the table surface. Multiple leather straps encase her and her bare feet are left exposed through a bracket, her big toes taped back, prying her soles taut.

The Stranger activates a wand, bringing about intense arousal as her feet are tickled. Brushes on her neck, breathplay, more tickling. Her taped toes begin to loosen but no matter, a steel clamp is screwed shut, welding her toes in place. Fire and Ice are the next treatment given to poor Bri…as a reminder.

Almost an HOUR of hell.

Length: 50:59
Resolution: 1440×810

Download – Breaking Bri Act Four

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