Fettish – Full Body Tickled – Summer Vixen

Summer Kay’s on the floor in cute pink sweats and a tank top, her mouth taped shut, and her limbs held in straps. Now the fun begins. I sit at her feet and start to tickle her, bringing forth cute muffled laughter. I move to her ribs for a bit, eliciting more but then decide to be a bastard and hairtie her head back to her feet.

Out comes the toothbrush and it vibrates along her ears, neck, and palms. I can’t resist tickling her incredibly soft soles again, so I end up back there.

Rolling her on her side, her belly gets it more as she struggles and her nipples slip out. She can’t get away, she won’t get away, and I’m not sure she wanted to get away?

Length: 11:06
Resolution: 1440×816

Download – Full Body Tickled – Summer Vixen

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