Fettish – Hogtied, Gagged, and Tickled – Jasper Reed

Jasper Reed is out of retirement! I knew she was sensitive, especially since this was the last shoot of the day.

She had been tickled to the point of exhaustion but I thought she still had more to give! Surely you know by know I’m slightly sadistic yeah?

I wrap poor Jasper neck to ankles in a solid mummification, cinch it up with leather straps, gag her mouth, then bind her toes after bending her into a hogtie position. Then the fun begins as always!
I tape My Littlle Droney to her soles, run the gloves along her feet, and more!

She hated every minute of it.

Length: 15:39
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Hogtied, Gagged, and Tickled – Jasper Reed

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