Fettish – Interrogation – Kylie Moone

Kylie Moone is up for a good ole round of interrogation! It’s always fun booking big, bad Dommes who like to mouth off—they’re about as much fun as brats for different (though similarly veined) reasons! Derek wants some information, and Kylie isn’t so willing to give it up. As a result she’s restrained quite helplessly, soft ticklish feet on display, toes trapped while Derek mindlessly scrubs at them with toothbrushes. Kylie begs for respite only long enough to get enough air into her lungs for more talking back. This is when we see Derek double down with the shrieker teasing her sensitive wrinkles while she slooooowly loses the game (and her mind.) As for the tool that REALLY broke her? We’ll keep that a secret 😉 Pro Domme lovers—here’s your opportunity to watch one break. Order today! Rating scale 1-5 feathers ???? Kylie : ????????????????.2 (4.2) This is yet another stellar video; Talking back is cute, and watching this bratty Domme get it served right back got my juices flowing. ???? Kylie bratted hard enough but was almost too conversational for my taste. I do prefer a heavier focus on tickling with light banter. However, that DOES NOT ruin this video! I will for sure be tuning in again and again ???? I’ll see you at the next review! ?Santina | Erotica author, reviewer, and model ????

Length: 15:51
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Interrogation – Kylie Moone

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