Fettish – Knismobility – Violet Gein

I hadn’t had Violet in this much bondage in a long time. Well, THIS particular bondage – never. This is a whole new level of restraint. Add her gag and toe tie….she isn’t going anywhere without my say so. I even added an additional strap to the bottom of the bag where there are hooks, to keep her from pulling her heels in. No escape.

I know this girl quite well and know what works. I was nice and started off kinda sorta light, using my fingers. She eventually got the dryer ball, and the double destroyers ????

Finally I had to give her, her favorite. Or my favorite. Why is it my favorite? Because it absolutely destroys this girl. She hates it more than anything. At least …I think so? I couldn’t really tell because she’s really well gagged with microfoam.

As a bonus I’m not adding to the cost per minute, there is some on screen bondage I let be recorded. Some love it some don’t, so I won’t charge for it! If this turns out popular I’ll gladly do more.

Length: 17:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Knismobility – Violet Gein

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