Fettish – No Escape – Connie

This marathon length clip entails Connie, a visitor from Australia, asking for the most severe bondage I could manage.

In it, I’ve included the setup phase as many had requested. The clip opens with Connie already laid on the table, mummified in wide black tape tightly from neck to ankles. You see her getting the carabiners snapped on, and the straps layered on top once the bag is intact.

She then has a head strap applied along with her toes bound, and its game on.

Connie asked for as severe as I could make it because she WANTS the fight, so much so, that I had to add the ‘brat strap’ to her feet to keep her from escaping. For that bit of resistance, i only make things worse, tickling her with each and every tool I could manage.

Length: 46:47
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Escape – Connie

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