Fettish – No Escape – Elara Wren

This is probably my personal favorite series. If you have a grasp of my humble stores theme, it’s strict bondage mixed with my own brand of sadism. That said, pretty alt girl Elara enjoys being bound – not the tickling part so much, so this is a great combo! For me anyway.

In the opener I show a bit of the process since many have asked for it. Wrapped in wide bandage, ankles to neck, arms pinned to her side, she’s then carried to the table, and into the sack she goes!

Layered in belts, head strapped to the table, blindfolded, gagged, then ALL of her toes tied back and it’s on.

Elara takes a harder touch; the light stuff doesn’t do as much. Actually she said when it hurts some it causes her to laugh more (not quite the Daisy Diva treatment if you’ve seen those bizarre clips!) but because of it I end up using the gloves on her a lot, with the pinwheel tossed in, making pretty Elara laugh and squirm in her bondage, but good luck ever getting out of it.

A complete tickle toy; with no escape.

Length: 20:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Escape – Elara Wren

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