Fettish – No Safeword Therapy- Bella Ink

Oh my…I almost had to replace my therapy chair. No, really. If you’ve seen my prior material with Bella, you know how brutal the tickling can get with me toward her. Well this time, Goddess Tickles and Lilith were there to assist me.

I’ve not done a No Safeword with my chair before, but I figured why not! Straight jacket on, wrap gagged, into the individual stocks and tie ties….leather belts strap her legs down completely, and then a long strap across her chest, cinching her in place.

But man oh man! This lovely blonde thrashes SO hard she damn near broke it I think! My older jacket is what she had on, with a small rip in the hand from an earlier subject, and at one point she flips me off! She paid for that.

With No Safeword you know the rules. Camera is on, time limit is set, and stop for NOTHING. Nothing. There are zero cuts to this series, if the camera is bunked or even drops, it stays going to prove the video isn’t cut and the intensity continues.

She suffered greatly.

Length: 11:29
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – No Safeword Therapy- Bella Ink

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