Fettish – The Tickle Table – MJ 2 pt 2

The remaining bit of MJs return and second round on the Tickle Table finishes up here, picking up where the end of pt 1 faded, with my fingers still scribbling away, finding all of the best spots 🙂

Some new items are introduced, primarily the TGun with a thick vibrating brush (interchangeable heads – check out my Etsy!) and the Shrieker, specifically made for between the toes. Good fun!

The Whiskers brush her soles, toes, and even the tops of her feet – didn’t think I’d miss those did you?

MJ is always a joy to work with and I’m looking forward to more collabs together soon!

Length: 11:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – The Tickle Table – MJ 2 pt 2

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