Fettish – Tickle Therapy – Aries 3

Hyper ticklish Aries is strapped in for the ride of her life—at the mercy of Dereck and his wicked designs. Her sensitive pink soles and toes immobile in stocks, Aries screeches through the gag as she’s made to ever having regret coming back.

Everything from brushes to feathers tease and torment the helpless brunette. Think she’s enjoying therapy? Of course she is! Just listen to that hysterical laughter trying to escape through her gag.

That’s nothing compared to the tgun brushing against Aries’ ticklish toes before zipping along her soles. Surprise tickle spots are additionally explored, making Aries shoot through the roof. No part of her tender lower body is safe from Derek’s sadism.

She truly loses her mind in this nearly fifteen minute video. You don’t want to miss her delicious suffering!

Length: 14:49
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Therapy – Aries 3

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