Fettish – Tickle Therapy – Ayla Jae and Kylie Moone

Ayla had to have her turn in the hot seat, considering the amount of punishment she dished out on poor Kylie, but I suspect she regretted it in short order. Kylie absolutely loves to be the dominant role, despite being a wonderful vict — ticklee.

Ayla is belted into place, locked up, and we begin. I’m in it for maybe 2 to 3 minutes but it was pretty clear Kylie was emitting that dominant energy so I cut her loose solo! She devoured Ayla’s soles the entire clip, and enjoyed each minute of it, as will you 🙂

Length: 15:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickle Therapy – Ayla Jae and Kylie Moone

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