Fettish – Tickled in Steel – Jasper Reed

I knew Jasper’s feet were ticklish, because by the time we shot this, we had already done my Therapy set. She’s SO bad, that I thought I’d give her a break doing this scene.

My bad.

I thought ok…start somewhere else. Her feet need a break right? I go inner thighs. Yikes. Swap it up to her hips, then back to her inner thighs. Yikes. Underarms, ribs, belly and yes back to her feet again.


Because of her sensitivity, you can’t go with a heavy touch as it’ll hurt her. So i took the opportunity to bust out the ole ‘feather bazooka’! Every and any spot I worked on with this was…well, magical! There’s something about a feather that is so classic, and its gold when it works well, isn’t it?

Length: 19:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickled in Steel – Jasper Reed

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