Fettish – Ticklemania 3

Playmate and smoking hot Latina Brigitte visits and undergoes the entire gauntlet of devices I keep here in studio!

The HOSTickEL box, Jokers Throne, the Tickle Totter, and of course the one that started it all – the Tickle Table! This girl has petite size 6.5 feet and are kept perfectly soft, and sensitive. The challenge I had, was mixing sensation constantly. She adaota quicky, and techniques/devices fade if you don’t keep shifting with this one!

Each time however I ended up pulling out those black, nub covered gloves, applying oil and working her over. Worked EVERY time.

Fair warning though! This is no light playful, easygoing video. Each time she falls under attack of the gloves, she goes from laughter to squealing, to hear panic. After her time on the table between setups, she needed time to breathe and said her chest hurt – that made me a bit nervous! After a rest I reminded her if she needed to tap out to do so! I’m a sadistic tickled but I never want anyone harmed.

When the experience was over she said it was by far the most intense thing she’s ever done!

You be the judge.

Length: 1:04:07
Resolution: 1440×826

Download – Ticklemania 3

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