Fettish – Totally Helpless – Juniper Vixen

This is the first time I had to hit the emergency stop button during a tickling shoot ever. I had her in the TH setup. Leather belted to the table, in a straight jacket, blindfolded, gagged, and audio taken away. The tickling begins as always, and if youve seen our other material she’s VERY sensitive. Between angle changes I checked on her several minutes in, pulling her earmuffs off and she didn’t reply, I ask again and again – nothing. I ended the video, ripping her out of her bindings to find her crying suddenly, and apologizing. She had done no Safeword and was okay but she said during this one, losing her eyesight and hearing was just too much on top of the intense sensory input (which is the point to TH).

Nothing to apologize for! It was intense to her and overwhelming and I monitored her closely then got her out at the right time. It makes for a short video but it’s still good nonetheless! Play safe, sane, and consensual at all times.

Length: 6:42
Resolution: 1916×1080

Download – Totally Helpless – Juniper Vixen

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