FrenchTickling – Remastered Vintage Series Anastasia Is Tied For Hysteria

Anastasia is immobilized in spread eagle position for a merciless tickle punishment.
The girl laughs hysterically all long the clip because she really really can’t stand the sadistic fingers on her underarms, sides, hips, neck belly and feet.
The Tickler uses feathers, fingers, toothbrush and hairbrushes on her horribly ticklish feet to drive her insane and it works perfectly because Anastasia suffers all long the session.
She tries to escape but she is strongly immobilized and all she can do is laughing silly till it stops.
This session is 50% upperbody, 50% bare feet tickling and 100% hysteria.
We rarely seen a girl who lose control of herself at this level when feathers or fingers touch her horribly sensitive skin.
All her body was insanely sensitive and her hysterical reactions are just crazy.
Look at the preview and you will understand what we want to say.

Length: 22:21
Resolution: 1280×720

Download – Remastered Vintage Series Anastasia Is Tied For Hysteria

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