FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – Foot-Tickle Fitness! Pt 1 Tickle-Trained Gym Bully!

At Macy-Fit Gym, personal trainer, Macy Cartel, is working with her client, Amanda Bryant. Suddenly, KK Qing barges in, shoves Macy aside and tries to steal her client! KK punches Macy out and brags to Amanda about how much better she is as a personal trainer than Macy!

Amanda is clearly annoyed, but distracts the ebony Amazon long enough for Macy to drop a dumbbell on KK’s toes! As KK hops around, swearing, Amanda K.Os her and she and Macy strap her into the stocks! KK awakens, restrained and angry, but her anger turns to fear, as her shoes are removed, revealing a big, tender pair of size 11, bare feet … in front of two women, who have wickedly long fingernails! And those fingernails go to work, with little hesitation!

Soon, KK is howling, cackling and shrieking with laughter! She was plenty tough, til her shoes came off, but now she’s begging for mercy! Apparently, this part of Macy-Fit’s protocol for dealing with gym bullies and it’s more than KK bargained for! She thrashes in fits of laughter, as her long soles and wiggly toes, flail and squirm in a fit of tickled hysterics!

KK is more than happy to apologize for her behavior … anything to bring this foot-tickling nightmare to an end, however, Amanda notices that KK wasn’t wearing socks and there’s also a ticklish protocol for that, too! Looks like KK’s feet are in for more of a workout! Forget leg day, it’s foot day at Macy-Fit!

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