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Celebrity TV hostess, Karly Salinas, is doing a bit for CAKL Network’s Home Shoppers Channel. She’s showing off an automated gadget, called the Robo-Foot Massage, which allows people who live alone to get a foot massage, without calling a masseuse! The device even removes her shoes for her! She’s a bit taken aback, when she sees that the device’s hands have been fitted with the long fingernail attachments, but she bravely goes ahead with the demo. Her feet are strapped into a set of steadying restraints and she’s ready to go!

As Karly gets into having her tired, aching feet rubbed by the device, she mentions that she likes her foot massages to be a little rougher, so she uses the remote to adjust the machine to one of its highest settings. Big mistake. Suddenly, the hands go from tenderly massaging to cruelly tickling her (now) wildly squirming feet, with its wicked fingernail attachments! Karly goes berserk, cackling and thrashing about, caught completely off-guard! As the hysterical hostess struggles, in a laugh-addled fit, she drops the remote and starts swearing, on live TV!

As Karly’s foot-tickling ordeal continues, sales for the Robo-Foot Massage skyrocket! The demo, such as it is, has gone viral and viewers are absolutely loving the show … so much that management has Karly’s wrists strapped down and won’t allow anyone on the set to give her back the remote! A cameraman tries to help, but when he tells her that management will only allow him to do so much, she cusses him out … thus earning herself an even more intense tickle setting, as he teaches the snooty celebrity a lesson in manners!

Though the demo isn’t going as planned and has Karly in toe-squirming, sole-scrunching, laugh-out-loud tickle agony, sales are through the roof! People seem to be buying it as a gag gift, so management re-brands the Robo-Foot Massage as the Self-Tickler 2000! Hopefully, management will be kind enough to give Karly some hazard pay, for taking one for the team!

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