FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 2 Mummified, Betrayed and Tickled!

Nefertiki (Honey) won her wager against Eris (Jessica Jones), but the petty and unstable Greek goddess does not taking losing very well! She banishes her servant, Amara (Dacey Harlot) to Limbo and casts a spell that leaves Nefertiki mummy wrapped from shoulders to ankles! Nefertiki magically sent her coveted golden sandals away, last episode, and Eris demands to know where they are!

Nefertiki defies the double-crossing goddess, but Eris finds a conveniently-placed writing quill and heads toward the bound sorceress’ helpless, bare feet with it! Her fear of what Eris might do with the feather are realized quickly as the goddess strokes her long, narrow, bare soles with it, sending her into fits of panicked laughter! Nefertiki’s long toes wiggle and squirm as her soles scrunch and flex! She writhes around as much as she can, but there’s no escaping the humiliating foot-tickle torture!

Eris mocks the shrieking, guffawing sorceress as fingernails, feathers, oil and brushes keep her laughing, til she’s hoarse and nearing exhaustion! But, just as a second round of hairbrush-induced tickle agony begins, Nefertiki’s power surges! Will it be enough to free her? Find out now and stay tuned for the next episode!

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