FTKL’sTicklingFantasies – The Rise of Nefertiki! Pt. 3 Nefertiki’s Tickle Revenge!

Last episode, the goddess Eris (Jessica Jones) mercilessly foot-tickled the Egyptian sorceress, Nefertiki (Honey), to learn the whereabouts of her golden sandals. However, Eris’ plan has backfired! The tickle torture has awakened Nefertiki’s latent goddess powers! Now, with a simple command, the newly awakened Egyptian goddess of tickling is free … and Eris is now mummy-wrapped from shoulders to ankles, dreading her fate! And Eris’ big, bare, size 10 feet are the perfect tickle targets!

Eris hows and shrieks with hearty guffaws and crazed cackling! Her tender tootsies flail and squirm, in a tickled panic, but there’s no escaping the tickle goddess’ long, wicked fingernails … or feathers, brushes and whatever else she uses to tease and torment Eris’ hilariously ticklish feet! The Greek goddess of strife wonders how her scheme could have gone so wrong as she begs for mercy!

Nefertiki wants Eris to bring back her newly-won servant, Amara (Dacey Harlot), from Limbo. But, will Eris be able to focus her power adequately, while being tickled silly? And even if she can, what happens when Amara returns to find her cruel, former mistress in such a helpless state? Find out now!

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