HoustonFootFetish – Are you sure we’re getting paid for this (Multi Angle)

Vika and Whitney both are a little suspicious about a recent craigslist ad they answered recently. They both showed up to the address but suspect something is off with this supposed paid gig for a simple interview on a couch. The interviewer shows up and they are still very wary and have tons of questions regarding the validity of this supposed “paid” opportunity. The interviewer, soon to be InterviewLER, does his best to reassure the pair that this is a legit opportunity and quickly tries to bypass their questions and concerns. He goes to move things along by asking them about their ticklishness and even goes as far as removing Whitney’s high heel which instantly freaks both of them out, as they think he is some kind of perverted creep up to no good. Whitney instantly erupts in laughter after the InterviewLER begins to tickle her bare feet. Vika is concerned but still sits there because she wants to know if this is a sham or not. Once he reassures both of them that they will get paid for their time and effort in this project, their whole tone and demeanor changes for the better! Vika and Whitney now gladly let the host remove their high heel one by one and begin tickling their soles to his hearts content now knowing that they are being paid hourly for it. This motivates Vika and Whitney to tough it out as they are being tickled both rapidly and mercilessly and they can’t help but laugh and scream at the top of their lungs the entire time as he alternates back and forth tickling both of their feet. At one point he manages to get his arm wrapped around their legs and begins to blitz tickle all 4 of their feet at once, making for an explosive amount of laughter from the pair. Once the tickle experiment is over Vika and Whitney feel a lot more comfortable with the situation and already ready to come back another time for a 2nd round and even invite some of their friends to join in on the foot tickling fun as well!

Length: 13:27
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Are you sure we’re getting paid for this (Multi Angle)

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