HoustonFootFetish – Madame Meiko’ & Claire Black (Fetcon 2022 Foot Tickling Frenzy)

Sexy and exotic Fetigang models Claire Black and Madame’ Meiko are booked for a private foot tickling session while attending Fetcon. Once at location they are told to make them more at ease and comfortable they will not be restrained or tied up with any rope since this is the first time the Ler has booked them, and he wants to earn their trust and build a rapport before any of that happens. Little did they both know that this Ler is very good at reverse engineering their most sensitive ticklish areas of their feet, so they were basically drawn into a false sense of security as this is pretty much an ultra-intense endurance tickle session and they fell for it hook, line and sinker. Ther Ler uses many different tickle torment devices and even has it to where he can tickle both of their bare feet at the same time for maximum laughter and ticklish fun for the viewer of this private session! They are immediately overwhelmed with laughter, and it gets so hectic for Meiko at one point she grabs a pillow and attacks the Ler with it to get him to stop with the blitz tickling. At another point Claire is so winded that she begins to wheeze and breathe heavy like a baby Pug which was both hilarious and a testament to how well & thorough the Ler is tickling them both. This is definitely an instant classic for both tickling and foot tickling enthusiasts alike & a must have for your clip collection. These two gorgeous foreign models were such a good sport and really put on a great tickling show for the viewers. A true out of the park homerun of a tickling clip!!!!!

Length: 12:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Madame Meiko’ & Claire Black (Fetcon 2022 Foot Tickling Frenzy)

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