HoustonFootFetish – Tickling Lua and Apricot’s Pitts

Lua and Apricot are taking a brief break from playing Tekken 7 on the PlayStation 4 after an intense gaming session. They are discussing their new favorite fighting game, when all of a sudden on of their friends comes from out the back room and begins to randomly tickle them both without any rhyme or reason. It all happens so fast; Apricot was just sitting there listening to Lua talk and the next thing you know her delicate armpits are ambushed tickled relentlessly and nonstop without just cause. Lua can just sit there and shock and laugh at the out of the blue playfulness of it all, when she is also tickled under her milky white delicate armpits by the Ler as well. She immediately erupts in chaotic and uncontrollable laughter as her armpits and sides of her body are just as ticklish as her bare feet. Lua and Apricot are both laughing uncontrollably at this point and are constantly asking and begging for the Ler to stop tickling them under their arms but to no avail. The Ler constantly cycles back and forth between the two only giving them each short breaks to barely catch their breath before he starts tickling the other once again making sure the laughter is constant and spread evenly among the two innocent gamer girls. Eventually, the Ler gets a bright idea! He has two hands, and there are two sexy gamer girls, so he decides to tickle them both at the same time, resulting in simultaneous uncontrollable laughter from them both as they plead for him to stop his tickle ambush on them both. He does not listen however and continues to tickle them both all under their armpits and on their sides as much as he pleases until he gets tired from all the squirming and struggling, they are doing Their laughter and reactions result in spasms that are a treat to any tickle enthusiast and once the Ler has had his fill, he then finally stops tickling them. All Lua and Apricot can do at that point is frantically catch their breath and try to recover from this traumatic tickling experience that just took place! It was a miserable experience for them but pure unfiltered tickle bliss for the Ler and the viewer!!!

Length: 10:26
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Lua and Apricot’s Pitts

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