ItaliansTickling – Cruel tickling

We made this video in order to let people understand what “being tickled” means and we want to introduce a brand new lady which will start as a “tickler”. Sofia is a 18 years old lady who wants to understand what does it all means before being a victim: Cate is the one in charge! Sofia will realize maybe is not what she’s looking for as she’ll see Cate stoned and totally sweat. She’ll be on her torturer hands and the suffer will be that much she’ll start tremble her voice, expecially when her feet will be tie by big toe’s handcuffs. Its’ going to be a nice try for Sofia but we think we won’t get her to that. Let’s enjoy this really hard session then….

Length: 13:41
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Cruel tickling

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