ItaliansTickling – Forbidde requests Part 1

One of our tickler asked us to shoot a video with little Alina just being anonymous. She’s willingly to pay for her too, based on a few requests. Alina didn’t accept that at the beginning but the offer has been really good. Requests come as follow:
First: Alina must be tied and blinded before her arrival.
Second: the video must be one shot without any stop in between apart for positions.
Third and most important: she has to decide for how long tickling will be.
Once we agreed, i planned it and i set this little bitch to be ready for. She will see her already blinded and tied close to the column and we can clearly see how vulnerable she is. Her tickler wants to dominate and let her suffer so much that after six minutes tickling, she will ask to untied her and re tied as more vulnerable. Something who makes even more exciting is watching her trying to touch on her private area. Alina won’t accept that and her tormentor will be even more angry. More than thirtheen minutes tickling just lying on the bed and much more on the pillory, until begging for mercy. Enjoy your clip!

Length: 38:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Forbidde requests Part 1

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