ItaliansTicklingCruel – Captured and Tickled to tears

It finally happened. Soon as she came in town, Alice invited the very ticklish Fatima home with an excuse, and made her prisoner for lots of cruel tickling. Fatima is strapped and secured in underwear and she’s about to endure a lenghty punishment – made of tickling, feet tickled, licked and teased, light scratches and psychological domination.

Alice waited long enough for this and she has a lot in store for the staringly beautiful model. With her long red dress and coordinated high heels, Alice comes very close to her imprisoned body and tickles every spot of Fatima’s perfect and very sensible skin. She is so ticklish that the more she cries out loud, the more the tickling intensifies. There’s even a point when Alice grabs and bites her foot, so much is the intention to drive Fatima crazy.

A long and strenous session, hot and sensual with the two italian models having a real blast in this intense, merciless female tickling session!

Length: 16:06
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Captured and Tickled to tears

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