KobeLee’sFetishParadise – Silver Fox and Lucy Innocence in The Tickled Spy-Part Two

Silver Fox wakes up, finding that she has been tied to a chair, with her feet up and tied.  She notices that Lucy is still asleep, and yells for her to wake up!  Lucy stirs a little and wakes up, wondering what is going on?  Upon getting up, a voice is heard over a loud speaker (off camera).  It’s Mr. Big.  He mocks our ladies a little and then tells Silver Fox he intends to find out how she came to be here!  Silver Fox says she’ll never tell him anything!  Mr. Big then speaks directly to Lucy with “Lucy OBEY!” Lucy is sent into a trance like state, and replies “I hear and I Obey!”  Oh No, Lucy must have been taken over previously, and now is a mind slave of Mr. Big  She will do his bidding at a command at any time!  Mr. Big commands that Lucy tickle Silver Fox until she gives up and confesses her business here.  Lucy replies “Yes Master, I hear and I Obey!”

Lucy removes Silver Fox’s heeled shoes and begins tickle torturing her as Silver Fox laughs and screams.  Lucy is relentless, using various tickling devices to try making Silver Fox talk.  She’s a tough cookie to crack, but she finally says “uncle” and tells Mr. Big a story of how and why she’s there.  After Mr. Big is satisfied, he commands Lucy to fall asleep and remember nothing!  Lucy sleeps and Mr. Big says he has guests to attend to, but when he returns, he’s going to command Lucy to dispose of Silver Fox once and for all, and Lucy will take the fall and be blamed for Silver Fox’s demise and corporate sabotage.  Mr. Big laughs an evil laugh as Silver Fox struggles to break free. 

Silver Fox finally gets free from the chair!  Once free, she ties up Lucy in the chair and wakes her up.  Lucy is so confused, she doesn’t know what’s going on, who Silver Fox is, or where she’s at?  Silver Fox explains the whole thing, catching Lucy up, and then tells her she’s going to experience some tickle revenge before Silver Fox escapes.  Silver Fox also tells Lucy that everything she told Mr. Big was a lie and that she’s too smart to give him real information.  Silver Fox starts to tease Lucy with some tickling, removing her heeled shoes and then gleefully starts to tickling Lucy with no mercy!  Lucy just bursts out with laughter and screams, begging for Silver Fox to stop!  Silver Fox has none of it, using all the methods used on her, she returns the favor on poor Lucy.  After finishing with her, Silver Fox laughs at her triumph and bids Lucy farewell, as she leaves her tied to the chair and leaves.  The end.

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