LaylaBondageAddiction – Mia Lara and Eleonora – Tickling the burglar

Lara is at home, in bathrobe on her bed, slowly preparing to go out with a friend, painting her toe nails. She reads a book awaiting polish to dry and texts her friend to know when she’ll arrive.
But she’s surprised by a catsuited burglar that ties and gags her with tape, her fingers taped too to make her even more helpless, knees and ankles taped too, but one feet on the other.
Burglar walks and searchs the house for jewelry while she tries to free herself, then comes back to her and opens her bag. From which she gets out a pencil, and electric toothbrush. She begins to tie her toes, in order to tickle her without mercy.
She then hears someone opening the door. There comes her friend Eleonora. The Burglar hides herself
while Eleonora searches for her friend and finds her struggling all taped up on the bed!
She goes to untie her, but then notices the tools, and decides to have a kinky tickle play with her feet. Burglar sees the situation from her hiding place and watches a bit. Mia simply cannot belive her eyes
Then she comes, ties and gags Eleonora with her hands above her head, tape bondage, ball gag. Luckily she had enough for both of them she thinks
She sits between the two girls and explains that she wants their safe codes and where are the jewels
Tickling will come in, to make them comply. Her nails are impossible to resist. Overall tickling feet, armpits, both girls are completely at Mia mercy till she gives herself a break. i’ll be back soon ladies she says going out. Girls still bound are struggling on bed, then Eleonora manages to free herself. She lets her friend tied as a trap for the burglar when she’ll be back and hides. Mia comes back, sees that one girl is missing, everything is happening to fast as Eleonora is behind her with a firm hand over her mouth and nose.
When she gets back to her, Mia finds herself in a strict hogtie on a table, barefoot, toe tied and ballgagged. Tickle tools displayed on front of her eyes.Both Lara and Eleonora are chatting, sipping juice, their legs and feet on top of her tied trophy.
They watch and taunt her victim, then decide to begin serious tickling, one on feet, other on upperbody, switching.
You’ll be our tickle slave for the weekend they say, this will teach you a lesson, they even takes selfies with her feet over their prey nose, Mia is totally humiliated

Length: 42:08
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Mia Lara and Eleonora – Tickling the burglar

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