MellemFootFetish – The hitchhiker tickles armpits and feet by 2 protagonists

Out in the car looking for a new prey for our sadistic games. We hunt down little hitchhikers to tickle them just for our pleasure.
Today we fall on a young redhead a little bourgeois, what pleasure! We park in the precipitation on the first carpark that we cross that of an old cemetery, in spite of the regular passage of vehicles.
She wakes up in the trunk of the car disoriented the arms tied behind the head chained with tape. My accomplice takes care of his armpits, and I take care of his feet. He starts the hostilities gently with the pen while I tie her ankles together with tape. I slowly remove her shoes to discover my little toys. Her feet are small, groomed and polished, rather hot and sweaty and a little smelly. Perfect as I like them, I can’t help licking them at times.
I discover their sensitivity with the end of my long nails, she reacts strongly from the first guilis.
Quickly obliged to gag her with her dirty socks to atenuce her laughter, to continue.
Her armpits are also very sensitive to tickling, quickly she begs us to stop. The more she begs, the more the excitement rises, the more the accessories follow. Long nails, feathers, oil and brushes as well as a glove with dreadful pimples are linked on her delicious feet.

Length: 12:17
Resolution: 1920×1080

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