MuscleFantasy – Suppressed tickling torment

Alana and I take turns playfully tickling each other. The anticipation builds as we prepare for the inevitable tickling torment. The person who falls victim is securely tied with ropes to the bed, their limbs spread wide like a helpless eagle. We establish one essential rule: no laughing. The challenge is to endure the relentless tickling without succumbing to laughter.
As the tickling begins, a mix of delight and torment fills the air. Fingers dance across sensitive skin, causing involuntary spasms and uncontrollable squirming. Each touch seems to unlock a new wave of laughter desperately suppressed. Deep breaths become the only solace, a fleeting respite from the ticklish invasion.
Despite our attempts to resist, the tickler’s mischievous fingers are relentless, finding every hidden ticklish spot with expert precision. Feather-light touches trail along the sides, sending shivers through the body. Gentle yet persistent strokes explore the neck, collarbones, and underarms, eliciting squeals of both delight and agony. The restrained victim twists and turns, desperately seeking an escape from the tickling torment.

Length: 11:46
Resolution: 3840×2160

Download – Suppressed tickling torment

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