Perverstage – Missres Johanna’s Watchdog 2nd Episode (Custom)

As promised, the session would last all night, unfortunately for Jane it is still a long way to go, Johana and her watchdog now tie Jane’s feet to the stock and her immobile body with a straitjacket, the session seems eternal for Jane, and Johanna and her watchdog do not seem to want to stop tickling and licking Jane’s feet, they try to convince her to share the loot with them to free her but Jane refuses, finally Johanna seems to want to rest, she withdraws from the session but orders her watchdog to continue punishing the thief, Jane in desperation proposes a deal to the watchdog, on the condition that he releases her and helps her take revenge on Johanna, Jane will share half of the loot with the watchdog, this would mean betraying her mistress, Jane takes advantage of the watchdog’s weakness for licking feet and offers her feet along with the loot in exchange for betraying her Mistress, finally the Watchdog betrays Johanna.

Length: 22:07
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Missres Johanna’s Watchdog 2nd Episode (Custom)

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