Perverstage – Stefani’s Ticklegasm

Every area of the body sensitive to touch is a candidate for sexual pleasure, every person knows their weak points but Stefani had no idea that her feet could make her explode with pleasure, Stefani had her first experience of Bondage, Tickle Fetish and Foot Worship herself day, she couldn’t resist anymore and had an orgasm just by stimulating and worshiping her feet, she had no idea she could experience that kind of sensations.

Stefani tied in the stocks could not be missed, even though her eyes were blindfolded throughout the session, seeing the expressions and the soles of her feet simultaneously is undoubtedly exciting, Stefani is tremendously ticklish but the climax of the session was undoubtedly the foot worship when she is totally possessed by the pleasure, the safe word had previously been agreed upon, but there was a moment of doubt when we thought, is she uncomfortable or is she enjoying it? That’s when we asked do you want us to stop? and she answered with a shy smile “No.”

Length: 26:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Stefani’s Ticklegasm

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