RandomSoleEncounters – A Genuine Fear of Tickling – Ultra Reluctant with Ultra Ticklish Size 10’s!

Alisha suffers from Gargalaphobia – The fear of being tickled. This is a genuine, no B.S. fear of hers. So why would someone afraid of being tickled agree to do a tickle video?

The ‘rona has everyone cash strapped so it was the perfect opportunity to talk Alisha into being tickled. I’ve known her and how ticklish she was for awhile. She was the most reluctant model I’ve ever encountered, I never thought I would get to tickle her. But $$$ talks! Alisha refused to be in stocks, she thought they were too restrictive and she’d freak, so after some intense negotiations she agreed to the ankle straps that I used in my old vids.

Alisha is 27-years-old, 5’10 and wears a size 10 shoe! She is so ticklish she doesn’t let anyone touch her feet. She told me when she gets a pedicure she tells them to just paint the nails and don’t do anything else! But, sometimes they don’t listen and she’s kicked nail techs in the face before!

Alisha was very, very nervous. She came to the shoot wearing sneakers, making sure her tender soles were tough to get to I guess. I get her shoes off quickly and tickle her socked feet briefly before getting to her ticklish bare soles – She has very lovely big feet!

Everything tickles Alisha! Feathers, fingers, brushes, electric flosser, just touching her feet – even rubbing oil on her soles tickles this woman.

She is one of the most ticklish (maybe the most ticklish) model I’ve ever worked with.

Alisha is so ticklish she cries and looks pained from it. She is a big time snorter also! She thrashes everywhere trying to get away but her ankles are securely locked in and she just has to take the foot tickling until I decide to stop! This is a true tickle video!!!

My next goal is to get her locked in the stocks…I’m guessing big time bucks for that, haha! ENJOY!

Length: 9:08
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – A Genuine Fear of Tickling – Ultra Reluctant with Ultra Ticklish Size 10’s!

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