RandomSoleEncounters – An Introduction to Tickling – Friend Turned Fetish Model

New year! New Stocks! New Tools! New Models!

Hey everyone! I’m happy to say that after taking much of January off and cleaning out my old tickle files I’m back with brand-new content for 2023!

Why not start off with a good one?

Let me introduce everyone to my good friend Ariana. Ariana is a part-time model that would love to make it a full-time job. I’ve always thought she’d be a great model. Why? She’s cute, has an amazing personality, and is always laughing…I mean always!

She’s known about my fetish and video clips for a while now and has always had a curiosity but never taken the plunge into trying to be an official fetish model. Her main reluctance is she doesn’t want to do anything overly sexual on camera. The word “fetish” can carry that stigma but I’ve discussed lighter fetish content with her and told her many times that whenever she wants to try it out let me know! If she didn’t feel comfortable then the videos would never see the light of day.

Well, she finally wants to see what it’s all about. And since you’re watching this video, it means she liked it! Lucky us!

This is Ariana’s 1st ever fetish video and the first time being tickled like this. For this occasion, I broke out my new stocks complete with toe-ties!

Ariana has told me she is ticklish but how ticklish depends on the day, her mood, and who is tickling her. I was hoping I caught her on a “very ticklish” day.

This is very much a “behind-the-scenes” style clip with lots of talking between Ariana and me. It’s a different mood when you’re tickling a friend that you know quite well, there is a comfort between us that you don’t always get in tickle clips. Hopefully, you enjoy that.

This is more of a tickle test and a way for me to introduce Ariana to the world of tickle fetishes. You can see her curiosity as I test out different tools on her very sensitive soles. I don’t push it too hard, don’t want to scare her away but let me just say I think we have a winner with Ariana!

This is just the 1st of a few clips we filmed together as I showed her the ropes of fetish modeling. I’ll be posting more of those very soon.

How did Ariana like it? Well, she’s already booking shoots with other fetish producers! So you might see her in your other favorite stores in the future. You’ll definitely see her here again!

Length: 12:23
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – An Introduction to Tickling – Friend Turned Fetish Model

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