RandomSoleEncounters – Conservative Banker Blindfolded & Broken – FULL BODY TICKLING

I thought this day would never come…Abigail (30-years-old, 5'1, 6.5 shoe) is a very conservative investment banker who also happens to be one of the most ticklish women I've ever met!  I tickled her once, under protest, and I figured she was just "one-and-done" as far as modeling went.  But money talks!

This shoot cost me a good amount of $$$, it was quite the negotiation with Abigail to get her back for another shoot but it was worth it and because of all of you!  Without your support of my store I wouldn't have been able to get her back!  How much did it cost?  Let's just say I'm sponsoring the next couple of Abigail's marathons..haha.   And because of that, I made sure I got my money's worth of tickling!

Abigail doesn't want to show her face but instead of a mask I chose a blindfold, she was very uneasy about this part.  She likes to be in control as much as possible and not being able to see was almost a deal breaker for her.  She was also not too excited about having her wrists cuffed above her head but I told her this was they only way it was going to be done.  No more hands free tickling for her!

This is the first time in her life she's ever been in bondage like this.

I start off by removing her flip-flops, Abligail has very soft ticklish soles and I start off slowly tickling them with my fingers, even this gets her giggling!  I really attack her ticklish soles with fingers, feathers (the quill end works well on her), oiled up soles, the hairbrush and electric flosser.  Her soles get a good workout and she is a non-stop laughing mess!

Then, I get to her upperbody and her armpits are just as ticklish as her feet!  She flails and tries her best to get away but can't!  Lots of great laughter!  

I go back to her feet for the finale, really going to work driving her to hysterics until she can't take it anymore and is exhausted from the tickling.  I didn't notice while I was tickling her but there are points where she is trying to undo her wrist cuffs to get free..always the control freak!

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