RandomSoleEncounters – Flight Attendant Tries Tickling! – Foot Tickled 3 Ways!

NOTE: This is an older clip that I wasn’t sure about releasing because the model (a friend of mine) didn’t want to show their face at the time we shot this. But, she has really ticklish feet and great reactions so I think it’s still a great clip. However, she has since changed her mind and will show her face in custom shoots! So, if you’d like a custom with her, let me know!

Have you ever been on a plane or in an airport and watched as a beautiful flight attendant walked by? Have you ever stopped to wonder if their feet are ticklish in those nylons and heels? Well, I can say for sure that this particular flight attendant has extremely ticklish feet!

Say hello to my friend, we’ll call her Sky for now. Sky is a flight attendant for a major airline! She’s also tall (5’10) and quite beautiful. I’ve tried to convince Sky to do a tickling video. She has told me that she has really ticklish feet many times. She has been intrigued to try fetish modeling but showing her face has been the one thing that has stopped her. I tried to suggest wearing a mask but she is still too nervous even to show her face in a mask.

I really needed to get Sky in my stocks so I decided to go for it even if she didn’t want to show her face. This is rare for me but she’s so amazing that it was worth doing!

This video is Sky’s 1st time being in stocks or doing any fetish modeling. I decided to give her a proper introduction to foot tickling by tickling her 3 different ways:

– Socked foot tickling
– Bare tickling (Big Toes Tied)
– Nylon foot tickling

All of these in one video!

The first part is Sky in a pair of her thin black dress socks. Socks can be hit-or-miss but it was a total hit with Sky! Her feet are so ticklish socks didn’t even protect her. Her ticklishness seems to take her by surprise, especially when I get to her long toes. The toes are Sky’s weak spot, something she didn’t know!

After a completely socked foot tickling, I take them off and we get our first look at this flight attendant’s beautiful size 9s. And they are quite beautiful! Slender, feminine feet, high arches with long toes painted red. The fact that they are ticklish makes them close to perfect to me!

So how did the bare tickling go? Sky’s feet are even more ticklish bare. They are even feather-ticklish!!! And feather ticklish all over, not just the toes! I had too much fun tickling these beautiful bare feet. So much that Sky had a hard time handling it!

For the final part, I had Sky slip on a pair of nude nylon stockings. Do nylons make her feet more ticklish? It’s hard to imagine they could get any more ticklish. But it seems like they did! Sky says it’s a different ticklish feeling in Nylons and it’s quite easy to get her laughing hysterically!

This was a lot of an introduction to tickling. Sky had to endure almost 30 minutes of foot tickling but she handled it the best she could! I think she has a good future as a tickle model! Let me know what you think!

Length: 26:48
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Flight Attendant Tries Tickling! – Foot Tickled 3 Ways!

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