RandomSoleEncounters – Flight Attendant’s Face Down Foot Tickling!

Sky is back for more tickling! And this time she’s showing her face!

Sky has gotten more comfortable being in front of the camera after her last tickling session with me. Check that clip out here: Flight Attendant Tries Tickling! – Foot Tickled 3 Ways!

Sky is a real flight attendant. Tall (5’10) and beautiful from head to toe (size 9’s). She’s also extremely ticklish from head to toe!

Sky came by to shoot some custom videos with me and I decided that I had to get some tickle fun for myself and all of you too!

Since Sky was fine with showing her face I thought why not show that face up close with a “face down foot tickling” session? If you’re unfamiliar with this type of tickling, there is one camera close-up on Sky’s soles and another on her face. This way you can see the foot tickling in detail along with her facial reactions.

The best part about this tickling setup is that Sky can’t see when the tickling is coming or what tool I will use. Sky realized this early on and even says as much in the clip. This adds to her already ticklishness.

Sky has beautiful ticklish feet, even feather ticklish! Everything tickles her and the tickling gets more intense the more I tickle. Her poor feet don’t get less ticklish, they seem to get more ticklish! Which is bad for Sky but good for us!

I hope you all enjoy her ticklish reactions! More to come from Sky in the future!

Length: 8:16
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Flight Attendant’s Face Down Foot Tickling!

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