RandomSoleEncounters – I thought this was gonna be easy man! – Tough Chola Tickled to Tears!

This is an interesting one…a 100% spontaneous shoot featuring tough girl Angel!

I originally had an audition/tickle test scheduled with Angel’s girlfriend and Angel accompanied her to the shoot. It turns out that Angel’s girlfriend wasn’t very ticklish at all, pretty much a fail, but that comes with the territory. Not every woman is going to be ticklish.

I was hoping to turn a negative shoot into a positive when I got the idea to ask Angel if she wanted to audition too. I’d say Angel isn’t a typical “model type”. I’d best describe her as a Chola, more masculine than feminine, tough acting, and street-smart. But I love the challenge of tickling a woman with a tough exterior, and Angel perfectly fits that challenge.

When I asked if she wanted to try she wasn’t too eager until I offered her some money to participate. Money always talks!!!

With that, I got Angel into the stocks and even cuffed her hands behind her back. A funny moment when Angel calls me the police as I’m cuffing her. I tell her these aren’t police cuffs and she says “Believe me, I know!” so our tough girl has been in trouble a time or two. I included this behind-the-scenes footage at the start of the clip for you to see!

Angel is wearing Jordans with black socks. Her socks were damp with sweat and her soles were slightly dirty (not much) but it turns out she had a fantastic-looking pair of slender size 8s with long toes and soft soles!

So was our tough-talking Angel ticklish? Yes! And she only got more ticklish as the tickle test went on. Much to Angel’s surprise I think because she told me she felt that this was going to be easy! The great part about tickling Angel is how despite her tough exterior she still laughs, squeals, and giggles like a girl when I tickle her feet.

Her long toes are especially ticklish and I even get her to beg and plead with me to stop!

The tickling is so effective I get her teary-eyed and snorting towards the end of her tickle-test!

This was much more than Angel was ready for and was very fun tickling such a tough-acting woman. Unfortunately for Angel, her ticklish feet are her weakness!!!!

Length: 10:00
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – I thought this was gonna be easy man! – Tough Chola Tickled to Tears!

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