RandomSoleEncounters – Nathalia’s Face Down Foot Tickling!

I’ve tickled Nathalia many different ways but realized she never has experienced a face-down foot tickling session.

There is one camera close-up on her beautiful, ticklish, size 7 soles. Another camera is right on her face so you can see every reaction to her foot tickling.

I decided to have a little fun so I told Nat that this was a foot massage with some light, erotic tickling. She thought that sounded like fun and a nice change from being tickled out of her mind. She was suspicious when I strapped her ankles down. I told her it was to hold her in place since she has such ticklish feet, even if the tickling would be lighter.

I start off massaging her feet just to lull her into a false sense of security before I start with the tickling. If Nathalia thought she was going to have a pleasurable massage she soon realizes that wasn’t going to happen!

I tickle her with my fingers and a variety of brushes. I love Nathalia’s laugh, she always tries to talk as she laughs but can never get all the words out.

The best part about face-down foot tickling is that she can’t see when the tickling is coming and what tool I’m going to use. It’s a constant surprise that I find adds to her ticklishness.

The best part is when the tickling starts to get to Nathalia, by the end of the clip she is failing, bucking around, and red-faced from laughing so hard!

I think this is the most intense foot-tickling Nathalia has experienced.

Length: 8:44
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Nathalia’s Face Down Foot Tickling!

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