RandomSoleEncounters – Queen Dalvina is Tickled by her Step-Mom! – Double Team Tickling

Queen Dalvina is back where it all started for another tickling session!

Check out her 1st ever-tickling video HERE

This time, Dalvina’s step-mom came with her to the shoot to see what it was all about. So, we couldn’t just let her sit and watch…she had to join in on the tickling! And she was more than happy to participate!

The first order of business is that we told Dalvina’s step-mom that she needed to have a “stage name” so she came up with Bianca Bell. Next was getting the Queen in the stocks!

Once locked in Bianca and I remove Queen Dalvina’s shoes and socks. Bianca wasn’t sure exactly what to do or how to tickle so I teach her some tickling techniques on her poor step-daughter Dalvina’s ticklish feet.

Bianca seems like a natural tickler and has a bit of a mean streak when it comes to tickling Dalvina!

If you’ve never seen Queen Dalvina tickled, you’re in for a treat. She’s very ticklish and on this day seemed to be extra ticklish (it was a while since she’d done a tickling shoot so her feet had a chance to rest) this ended up being bad news for her!

Bianca and I dish out some intense tickling on the Queen’s poor soles and get her to use her safeword – ‘pineapple’ – multiple times!

Dalvina thought it would be fun to have her step-mom Bianca tickle her but after a few minutes, I think she changed her mind and thought it was a bad idea! Bianca didn’t take it easy on her (she may have been even more mean than I was!)

This is a great, fun, and intense tickling clip. A very “behind-the-scenes” feel to it.

And don’t worry, Queen Dalvina get her revenge in a future clip!


Length: 17:24
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Queen Dalvina is Tickled by her Step-Mom! – Double Team Tickling

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