RandomSoleEncounters – Renee’s Tickle Training – Don’t Move Challenge Plus Tickle Punishment!

Renee is my old neighbor who I introduced to the tickling fetish over ago! She few different tickle vids with me ( links below ) but stopped because she ended up getting married.

Luckily, I’ve stayed in touch with her and have asked her once in a while if she’d be interested in being tickled again. Recently she told me she was ready to get tickled. We set a lunch date for the following week. After lunch, if she wanted, we she would get tickled for the first time in over two years!

During lunch, I asked Renee why she was suddenly interested in being tickled and she told me it was because she was bored. So, basically, Renee is a bored housewife who isn’t getting much attention at home. She’s looking for some excitement in her life. So let’s give it to her!

What I love about Renee is that she is very soft-spoken and is naturally shy and submissive. She’s also attractive, ticklish, and has awesome feet (size 6.5-7). A perfect “tickle toy”, don’t you think?

I told Renee that I was going to train her to be my personal tickle toy. Even though she didn’t say anything, I could see right away she liked this idea. I let her know that after lunch we were going back to my studio and going to start her tickle training. I told Renee that she would learn to love being tickled and even beg me to tickle her when the training was done.

This was just going to be her first tickle training session.

Renee had no idea what to expect, so I kept her in the dark as much as possible. All she knew was that she was going to be tickled.

The clip starts with some behind-the-scenes footage as I explain the first part of her tickle training. We were going to play a game. The “Don’t Move” game. This footage includes shoe and sock removal!

Renee would be unrestrained for this game. All she has to do is hold her feet still while they are tickled. She can laugh all she wants, she just can’t pull her feet away from the tickling or move them too much. If she can last 2 minutes then her tickle training would be over for the day. But, if she fails, then she must endure a tickle punishment. She has three tries to win the game. Easy enough? Not for Renee!

Needless to say, Renee put up a good fight but lost the “Don’t Move” game. Her feet are just too ticklish and not having them tickled in so long didn’t help their sensitivity at all.

So, unfortunately for her, she now must pay the price with her tickle punishment.

I decided that Renee would be stocked with her big toes tied. I didn’t tell her how long she would be tickled for and gave her no safeword. I had one rule for Renee, whenever asked she had to tell me that she is enjoying being tickled. This is to train her mind to love being tickled!

I put Renee through the paces, using all the tickle tools to torment her tender soles. Renee giggles, laughs, screams, moans, begs…every reaction you could ever want. She even starts to cry! Poor Renee got a little more than she expected as I give her the most intense foot tickling she’s ever experienced.

When I’m done she can barely catch her breath!

Here is Renee, tickled two different times in one clip!

Length: 17:04
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Renee’s Tickle Training – Don’t Move Challenge Plus Tickle Punishment!

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