RandomSoleEncounters – Sophia’s 2nd Tickle – Try Not To Laugh Challenge!

NOTE: This clip almost never saw the light of day – The file was corrupted, but I was able to recover around 5:00 of this shoot. It’s a fun one!

Sophia is back! She is starting to get into the world of fetish modeling and did a tickle audition a few months back. See That Clip Here

She was back in my area so we got together for another shoot.

Sophia is 21 and wears a size 7-7.5 shoe, very cute “girl-next-door” type. She has great looking ticklish feet!

Sophia asked “How about tickling another part of my body?”

She asked that because her upper body isn’t that ticklish! She wasn’t going to fool me.

This time I decided to test her out in the tickle stocks! Sophia starts off barefoot already locked in and ready to be tickled. The stocks are a new experience for her and Sophia was a bit intimidated by the look of them.

I decided to play a little game with her, I told her if she didn’t laugh then I’d get bored. So the challenge was to try and not to laugh for this clip.

Sophia is pretty confident she can hold in her laughter, at the start of the clip she says “Quick and painless.”

I say “We’ll see!”

I start off slow using a feather to give her a false sense of hope that she can actually complete the challenge.

I move on to a non-electric toothbrush and you can already see that she’s finding it harder to not laugh.

When I oil up her soles and use two different hair brushes she can’t hold it in any longer! The aggressive “scrubbing” action on her soles really gets her going! She even tells me how the oil on her soles makes it so much more sensitive between her laughing!

I don’t think she passed the challenge.

Length: 4:56
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Sophia’s 2nd Tickle – Try Not To Laugh Challenge!

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