RandomSoleEncounters – Tickling Among Friends – Fem-Fem Playful Tickling Session!

Nikki and Kaleea were visiting us around the same time; Kaleea was leaving the next day and Nikki had arrived two days prior. This is after they had both already been tickled by me. We were hanging out and Nikki said that being the tickler seems much more fun than getting tickled. I figured, why not let her try it out!

When I suggested Nikki be the tickler in a video she was 100% on board. She immediately pointed at Kaleea and said “I want to tickle you!”.

Kaleea laughed and asked, “Why me?!?”

“Because you beat me racing!” Nikki said.

Earlier that day we all went go-kart racing. Nikki is a very competitive person and was telling all of us how she was going to win easily. But Kaleea beat her and now she wanted to get some revenge I guess! My biggest surprise was that Kaleea thought the idea was funny and was up for it!

So we planned on having Nikki tickle Kaleea the next day before Kaleea left town. I was able to get both of them to do a “sole show” shoot also that I’ll post sometime in the near future.

Kaleea is 25, 5’2, and wears a size 6.5 shoe. She is locked in the ankle straps AKA The Invisible Stocks.

This is most definitely a playful tickling session. Nikki isn’t a master tickler by any stretch but seeing two tickle newbies making a tickle fetish video is pretty enjoyable. I tried to stay out of it and just let Nikki do what comes naturally, I didn’t want to get in the way by talking and giving directions.

Kaleea giggles more than laughs but Nikki is able to get some big outbursts of laughter out of her here and there, especially towards the end when she finds a “hot spot” for Kaleea.

This was fun to watch and a change-up in the style of tickling you usually see here.

Length: 6:58
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Tickling Among Friends – Fem-Fem Playful Tickling Session!

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