RandomSoleEncounters – Ticklish Storytime with Alisha – Read and Don’t Laugh!

Well, guess who’s back for more?

Alisha and her big size 10 super ticklish feet have returned!

This time I decided to have her try and read a book while I distract her with foot tickling. I told her that she has to get through the entire “Foot Book” without losing her place. If I think she’s not doing a good job reading then I’ll have her start over from the beginning.

Alisha starts off in white Puma sneakers while I tell her the rules of the game. I take them off…she’s not wearing any socks! She has lovely, wide, soft size 10’s. Her soles on display the entire time!

She starts reading and I slowly start tickling. Alisha does her best to keep her composure and not let the foot tickling distract her from getting through the book. Unfortunately for her, she’s just so ticklish!

I use all my favorite tools on her tender soles as she reads and laughs.

This is a fun, quick clip with a super ticklish, gorgeous model!

Length: 4:38
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Ticklish Storytime with Alisha – Read and Don’t Laugh!

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