RandomSoleEncounters – Upper Body Ticklefest! – Starring Nathalia and Nicole

This one’s for all the upper-body-tickling fans! Armpits, ribs, waist, neck! It features two very ticklish models; Nathalia and Nicole!

I’ve had this footage for a while, it’s more behind-the-scenes style but thought it was pretty good. This was meant to be a test shoot. I needed to test out some new bondage equipment I bought for upper body content. I also wanted to test camera angles. I had Nathalia and Nicole help me out after we did a few shoots.

I asked them because I know how ticklish they are on their upper bodies and wanted to give the new restraints a good test!

Nathalia is up first! Nicole and I double-team tickle her and quickly give her more than she can handle. She asks what her safeword is and I tell her there isn’t one! Nathalia actually breaks one of the restraints! (this is why I do test shoots, to fix these problems!). I get her cuffed again and let Nicole tickle her while I change camera angles to a more close-up view.

After Nathalia is finished she demands that Nicole get tickled too. She wanted her revenge. So, we had Nicole jump on the tickle table and restrained her.

The bad news for Nicole is that she is even more ticklish than Nathalia and Nathalia is going to make sure Nicole is tickled as badly as she was!

Nicole is nervous even before the tickling starts. Nathalia tickles Nicole all over her upper body and Nicole laughs, shakes, and screams with laughter! I even join in and we get some double-team tickling that drives Nicole insane and begging for it to stop.

Let me know what you think of the upper body tickling! More to come in the future!

Length: 10:09
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Upper Body Ticklefest! – Starring Nathalia and Nicole

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