RFStudioProduction – Alexa – Foot tickling in stocks

Meet Alexa!
She’s 30 years old, 180 cm tall, and her foot size is 41 (US 11.5).

Tall and slender pretty girl Alexa is locked in stocks tonight!
Her big bare feet are securely fixed, and her toes are tied to the stocks so that she doesn’t have the opportunity to influence my process of tickling her feet. I want to mention that tickling on such a scale is the first time in Alexa’s life.

Yes, she knows that her soles are very sensitive, but she has no idea how she will react to intense tickling for 15 minutes. At first, starting with a light, from a feather, I gradually increase the degree of impact, I apply oil on her big beautiful feet and I’m not in a hurry.

A Wartenberg’s pinwheel, fingers, hair combs, and electric toothbrushes replace the feather. In general, I introduce Alexa’s feet to my primary devices. Toward the end, I free her toes and tickle her feet again. The beauty laughs, squeals, and squeaks all the time, we also have a dialogue with her in English.

Length: 16:45
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Alexa – Foot tickling in stocks

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