RFStudioProduction – Astrid enjoys tormenting Vanda part 2 – Foot tickling

In this video, Astrid is having fun with Vanda’s feet. Astrid plays the role of a tickler, and she enjoys this role because she finds Vanda attractive to herself.

Both cuties are in catsuits, with the only difference being that Vanda is fixed to a bench, her hands are tied behind her, her legs tied at the ankles, and her big toes. Astrid sits beside her bare feet, kissing and lightly licking them, and of course, fervently and intensely tickling, enjoying the reaction of her ticklee.

In the pool of tickling devices, there’s a sharp spur (Wartenberg’s pinwheel), various combs and brushes, and, of course, their fingernails and tongue. Enjoy!

Length: 15:22
Resolution: 1920×1080

Download – Astrid enjoys tormenting Vanda part 2 – Foot tickling

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